ec-2.9.1-1 (Upd Dec.10, 2001)
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Ec isn't a completely functional chess player. I have to improve the code source, make further test and to finish it.
It's possible to play (at yout own risk) with it, if your are courageous!
All kind of moves have been programmed for the simulation but it doesn't check if replaying the same move.
I still need to add code for the playing (copy and modify from simulation code).
It explores all the possibilities and computes a mark for each initial move (by adding/substracting a number that represent the most powerfull piece taken/lost ).
Roughly: the simulator dives to the maximum deepness (n), computing a mark at each level.
When reaching the bottom it makes all possible moves of this level and memorize the best one, when reaching the last move of the level n it substract the mark from the one obtained at the precedent level, goes backup and makes the next move of the level (n-1), dives again... until the world's end...
It can also count the number of chess or pat encountered for each side.
The chess/pat detection is more complex,I am not fully sure that the algorithm is right so the programming....
Most of the variables are static, no recursive function call, a lot of pointer...... The pgm doesn't nedd much memory even if the simulation is deep. The maximum deep simulation is determined by the number of postes of a table.

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