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ec-4.1.3 (Upd Apr. 18 2007)

Chess Game in character mode (teletype).
for Linux/Unix system
Please, excuse me for the errors made in the English text.

The algorithm is far to be as efficient as some used in other chess player.

But ec provide you with some other features :
Data collected by the engine can be printed and the movement sorted.
Pieces from each side can be moved either by the player or the computer.
User's guide.

A lot of enhancement must be done, but a beginner should get some fun playing with ec.
I usually use it with a chess board, the screen consulted only to move pieces.

Using ec is free .... but money would be welcome!....
The GNU license allow to make copy and encourage to distribute the package .

New simplyer menu (type ? for help).
Three Difficulty-level.
Automatic save in a directory named ".ec" in /home.
Compatibility with previous menu.
Downloading ec- (380K)
Downloading ec-4.1.7-0.src.rpm (380K)
Downloading ec- (57K)

Downloading ec-4.1.7.tar.gz (Not tested 380K)
Downloading ec- (Not tested 380K)
Downloading ec-4.1.6.tar.gz (380K)
Downloading ec-4.1.6-0.src.rpm (380K)
Downloading ec-4.1.6-0.i386.rpm (57K)
Downloading ec-4.1.7.tar.gz Download sources Version 4.1.5 (370K) Not-calculation and depth-extension wenn chess
Download sources Version 4.1.4 (360K) bug fix, translation correction, man page.
Download sources Version 4.1.3 (340K)

What's new in ec-4.1.3 ?

For the player:
Easier to install through the standard Linux-method (file tar.gz).
Only one file for all the languages (English, french , German).
Automatic installation in the gnome and kde menus (checked with Red Hat).
Inhibited a "enhancement" feature that caused the taken-note to be underestimated.
The file used as game-backup is store in the root of the home directory.

For the developer:
Less C sources-files by using gettext and auto tool.
Adapted to CVS.

Previous versions.

Considered evolvment

Using the GNU coding standards (doc, argument.....).
Enhance the sources and making the tree-exploration faster.
Gathering more data (like position on the board .....).
Using of RPM and methods used on other distribution.
Changing the coefficient used to compute the global mark for one movement according to the situation.
Allowing to explore a part of the tree:
by exploring in priority the movements having the best potential.
by giving up diving in the tree when the losses are too big.

Technical solutions being considered:

Using library to have engines with specialized exploration-methods and for the integration with an graphical interface.
Using thread for compatibility with multi processor-computer (SMP).

A draft program for the graphical interface using Gtk (license GNU).
The program just print the pieces in a re sizable window.
One click on a piece make it disappear.
It's possible to use your own graphical files for the pieces and the the case on the board.

Download the program (40K)
Download the sources (40K)

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