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ec-4.1-0 (Upd Fev.10, 2003)
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Jeux d'echecs en mode caractere (teletype)

A Chess player in charatere mode (teletype)

Ein Schachspiel in Fernschreiberstype
Nouveaute de cette version:

Programmes seulement pour linux.
Plus rapide 15%.
Moins de bugs.
New in this version:

Programs only for Linux.
Faster 15%.
Less bugs.
Neu in diesem programme:

Programme nur für Linux.
Schneller 15%.
Weniger Programmesfehlers

Mode d'emploi

User's Guide

Telecharger la version Linux(48k) Download the Linux version(48K) Das Linux-Programme herunterladen(48K)
Sources /Quelle
Download the sourcesfiles (119K)
The Licence GNU (19K)
Old versions
A draft programme with gtk+ graphic interface (GNU)
hardcopy The programme does nothing but printing the pieces on the screen.
Download only the pgm (40K)
Download only the sources(40K)

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